3rd Day

"Modern China Anthem" by Justin Xie

    “Getting rich” has always been the main melody of China in the past decades. With this unpredictable tendency of economic growth, China is now entering into a new chapter - living better (becoming the world’s largest economy) with a cozy lifestyle (* how cozy? Pajama cozy. Look at that dude’s outfit in the picture)
    It’s Chinese New Year, sit back and relax, let the world roll the dice.Believe or not, “Feng Shui” comes and goes so Kung Hey Fat Choy Ah!

    *The ambient noise was randomly recorded on an iPad in Starbucks in a third-tier city in China. Starbucks, itself a symbol of new middle-class Chinese lifestyles. Combined with all other elements, to create an anthem of modern Chinese lifestyles.

    Justin Xie (b.1986, Zhejiang) was raised in China, elevated in California and is now roaming around the world to search for a better self. He is interested in capturing candid emotions of everyday life in contemporary China. Experimenting with new media and learning from failures are his current pursuits. 

    More on: justin-xie.com