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Dimensions of Living


“Dimensions of Living”, is a solo exhibition by Sandy Xin Wen, hosted by SLEEPCENTER opening September 11th at 7pm. This show features six sections that reflect ever-changing city environments through small scaled living spaces, based on the artist's experience in different metropolises: Guangzhou, Tokyo, Shanghai, Montreal and New York, as well as one abstract 3-dimensional place named City X. Each section explores urban and interior architectural design through different social contexts to provoke new thoughts about how we perceive our surroundings.

During the past seven years, Sandy has lived in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Melbourne, Tokyo and New York. Each new urban environment presents her with a fascinating canvas in which to explore changing urbanization processes, and what this brings to the space that people live in. Sandy imagines how the metropolis might shape an individual’s lifestyle, represented through her focus on smaller scales and details, which is her own way to record her thoughts and observations of cities and spaces.


Xin Wen (Sandy) (b. Guangzhou, China, 1992) is a New York based interior architect and artist. She works in various mediums - from traditional drawings on paper, to photography, to the latest digital forms of data visualization. Her experience of interior architecture help adding depth and volume to the works. Sandy’s art and design project has been exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne, and Providence (Rhode Island).

2016 Rhode Island School of Design, MDes in Interior Architecture
2014 Tsinghua University, BFA in Interior Design

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