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Placed in between faction of two reprehensible and destructive powers, morally grey individual finds a way to destroy both sides. A success to exterminate this bilateral structure is found in manipulative interactions with the environment. This is the political vision Japanese director Akira Kurosawa imagines in the movie Yojimbo (1961) and soon after that to stretch his fascination in the second film Sanjuro (1963). Throughout his career, he is known for setting up a binary situation where audiences witness both sides. 

“Remade" is a solo exhibition by Mensur Bojda. His core concept for the show comes from a further development of the group exhibition “Let me go Father”, which was inspired by the movie Yojimbo. He participated and helped to curate the show. He works were resulted from the contemplation of the manipulation, particularly in movies such as remakes of the old movies or borrowing same idea to make another versions. Some Kurosawa’s ideas ended up in American movies.

Mensur Bojda’s engagement with this theme results in creating two sided surfaces separating them by complimentary colors and placing a figure with a misbalancing tendencies to disrupt both sides. By using elements such as complimentary colors, repeated compositions and adaptation depicted in a frieze of paintings ranging from single one to triptych, Bojda constructs a reliance from Noir Classics trough Kurosawa’s films and the latest Western remakes.


Mensur Bojda (b. Brod, Serbia 1986) is an artist currently based in New York. Mensur is a figurative expressionist and his interest expands disciplines such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, illustration and comics. His works has been exhibited in Europe and recently in MC Gallery in New York. 

2016 Master degree at Academy of Fine Arts / Belgrade, Serbia.
2009 Academy of Fine Arts / Belgrade, Serbia.
2004 High School of Applied Arts / Skopje, Macedonia. 

Solo exhibition
2016- The painters lesson of Mensur Bojda / MC Gallery / NYC,NY.
2014- Exhibition of paintings by Mensur Bojda / Cultural Center of Youth / Skopje, Macedonia.
2013- Exhibition of paintings / Gallery of Cinematography of Macedonia / Skopje, Macedonia.
2012- Exhibition of paintings / Art Gallery of City of Veles, Macedonia.
2012- Exhibition of paintings / Museum of Robevci / Ohrid, Macedonia.
2012- Exhibition of paintings and etchings / Gallery of Cultural Info Center / Skopje, Macedonia.
2011- A celebration of drawing exercises / Gallery Creactive / Skopje, Macedonia.
2010- Exhibition of paintings / Gallery Eye / Skopje, Macedonia.
2016- Exhibition of paintings drawings and mosaics / Gallery of Bulgarian Center / Skopje, Macedonia.

Selected group exhibition
2017 Let me go Father / MC Gallery / NYC, USA.
2017 Personal identity matter/ MC Gallery / NYC, USA.
2016 A Neu Coup / MC Gallery / NYC, USA.
2016 Osten artists / Macedonian Academy of Science and Art / Skopje, Macedonia.
2015The painters of Gral Gallery / Skopje, Macedonia.

Prize / Other
2016 Arist of the year / Osten Gallery / Skopje, Macedonia
2014 Konstantin Mazev / painting of small format / Skopje, Macedonia


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