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2018 New Year Greeting

  In celebration of the Lunar New Year – the Year of Dog, with our best wishes, SLEEPCENTER has invited eleven practitioners of visual art, dear friends of ours, to create a unique series of social-media/website-based celebratory greetings. Beginning from New Year’s Eve to the 10th day of the Dog Year (Feb. 15 – Feb. 26), we will be greeting you with one bespoke message each day on SLEEPCENTER’s platforms including our homepage, Facebook, Instagram (@sleepcenterny), and WeChat. On the 10th day, all the greetings will be shown together on our homepage, archived as a browser-based exhibition.

     Stay tuned, and stay warm for a Happy Dog Year!

    值此新春佳节,SLEEPCENTER诚邀十一位从事视觉艺术工作的同仁,我们的好朋友们,为您献上新春的祝福。从除夕日至大年初十(2月15日-2月26日), 我们将通过微信公众号平台、空间网站、Facebook以及Instagram (@sleepcenterny), 为您送上一系列充满独特创意的数字媒体新年团拜贺卡。这些贺卡将在初十之后,一同以数字媒体文献的形式在我们的主页上展出。     

     请您在新的一年中,持续关注SLEEPCENTER 。祝您万事如意,阖家安康!     

     SLEEPCENTER全体成员 谨致

*Click on the image to see it move