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2019 Lunar New Year - the Year of Pig Group Greeting Project | 己亥肖猪新年团拜

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Dear Superman, 


    How many sneaky, dirty, sickening, sad, dreadful, and exhausting worlds, those have flashed through the superman who is still unyielding. Standing in the depth of the dead water swamp of an era that is accelerating in its declining, superman silently holds and pushes up the wild, puerile, fragile structure behind the grand words of “Culture” / “Art”, for the watch of faith and hope, for the possibility of a non-binary special experimental field, for the exciting light dimly glittering in the mud of the field. Within this light there is you, and there is me.

    Superman is but human, is father, mother, child, friend, family, and lover, is the ordinary human being consumed by the daily routines and changes, by the emotional ups and downs, whose dignity and health constantly worn out by jet-lag, unjust treatment or compromise, and exhaustion. Superman does not earn much, yet determined to possess happiness. A superman can be sometimes lost, perplexed, scared, and self-questioning silently in the depth of the night. Superman needs protection too.

    In celebration of the Lunar New Year – the Year of Pig, SLEEPCENTER has invited eleven of our beloved Supermen – professional operators of the art world, to share the blessings of the new year together with you. The Supermen are located across the world, versatilely practicing the various works across the disciplines. The one thing that they all share, is the contribution they made with their full strength, behind the scenes for the development of the art world in the Greater China region. On behalf the young posterity, SLEEPCENTER would like to show our sincere gratitude. And we hope with our endeavors by expanding our institutional competency, that we shall in the near future be starting the service to support and to protect the Supermen.

    We thank you for all your hard work and brave-hearted survival in this past year, and your constant support and encouragement toward SLEEPCENTER. We wish you and your family a peaceful, thriving, and happy new year. 

Sincerely yours,

Rui Lin, on behalf of everyone at SLEEPCENTER 






后辈林锐 代表SLEEPCENTER全体成员 谨致 

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